Friday, June 6, 2014

Major Changes

Dear Reader,

Please forgive our tardiness in posting. We were otherwise occupied.

Thank you.

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We were so excited this spring to settle into ranching and demolishing and building and fixing. Instead, we're doing anything but.

Dude finally came under some tough deadlines for his railroad book due for publication this fall. This is a publisher who requires strict adherence to image size, dots per inch, original source permissions, even wording -- down to wanting "photo by permission of author" instead of "photo by author." Or something like that... the details of it all are a bit fuzzy for me at this point. Suffice it to say that he's now working 60+ hours a week, and still trying to track down family members of some old train buff to get proper permission in his off-time.

As for me, I decided to run for office. I'm running to be a representative to our state capitol from the longest district in our state -- more than five hours across, and a couple hours north to south in some areas. I spend almost more time in the car than I do at home, and you can tell by peeking in the car windows. The down side is that I'm knocking on all these wonderful doors, thinking "oh, I like that idea!," and then not getting to do anything with all those creative ideas. But this is something I'm passionate about and feel I need to do. We're five months from the general election, which will be the beginning of winter around here, and then I'll be hiding by the heater again.

Munchkin is more of a homebody, and really doesn't want to knock on doors (though she's enjoying walking in the parades), so she's stepping up to help here at home. Cleaning, maintaining, plus doing her schoolwork -- she's busy too. But she's decided to teach herself to learn to code computers, so it's not all work.

AuntI moved out yesterday. Her health needs were just too much for us to handle, and she doesn't fit in any of our vehicles; she hadn't left the house in nine months. So she is now in a care facility, getting the health care and hopefully social interaction she needs. We'll see how this turns out. We never really grew close to her -- two households in one small space, essentially -- so it's as much a relief to her as it is to us. She gets waited on and left alone. We get privacy back and the use of our space. But it's still a new change, and it will take us all some time to adjust.

We're also trying to sell off a small chunk of property to some friends of ours, and that's been a zoo too. There are farm programs that demand certain concessions in all this, surveying to do, water tables to find (the more we learn about them, the more unusual we find them out here), construction to do, and so much more. But it will benefit both families for the "community" we're developing between us, one of which is the "auntie"-type relationships Munchkin will develop with the ladies in the family, especially if I run off to the legislature for months every year.

So, honestly, not much has happened this spring. We're sorry. Your entertainment -- er, "education" -- is of utmost importance to us, and we've been delinquent. Forgive us, don't give up on us, and maybe we'll be able to carve out a little more time for you and for our adventure out here in the sagebrush!